• How to look after your new dental implants

    How to look after your new dental implants

     Once you've had your implant fitted for 24 hours, we would recommend that you rinse your mouth very gently with warm water. You could also add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and rinse four or five times a day, for about three to four days after your implant is
  • Why should I have my Dental Implants in Turkey?

    Unfortunately, dental implant prices and healing / treatment / waiting times in the UK, Europe and the USA are not likely to decrease. Many patients would like to complete their implant procedure as soon as possible and for a much lower cost than that quoted by their local dentist. Dental Implant Prices in Turkey are
  • 3rd Time Lucky…

    3rd Time Lucky…

    Sometimes I really am ashamed of my industry . No, I am not talking about the dental profession per say, it is the dental tourism profession I am referring to. We had a patient in the Antalya clinic this week who had been overseas twice for dental treatment but returned back to the UK without
  • Smile Makeover in Dental Centre Antalya

    Smile Makeover in Dental Centre Antalya

    He was looking for a dentist in Antalya, Turkey. He decided come our clinic for his dental treatments.  He did have smile makeover. See above his before & after pictures... If you interested with smile makeover contact us now.