Choosing the right Tooth Colour

This is one of the most difficult decisions you have to make through your dental restoration. During your consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss the shade you want to achieve. Selecting the colour of a single tooth restoration that has a natural tooth on either side is harder to achieve compared as is often left to the dentist’s experience. If you are planning a smile makeover you have the freedom to redesign your smile and your tooth colour completely.

We use the Vita Shade Chart which has the full range of porcelain colours available for Laminate Veneers or Crown restorations.

tooth colour antalya, turkey

There are 16 colours to choose from.

Some patients prefer the brightest white while others prefer a darker shade of white that appears more natural. Whichever look you prefer we can accommodate your preference.

We do advise our patients that it is not a good idea to look at a photograph in a magazine or a celebrity on TV and assume that because it looks good on someone else it will be right for you. Several things should be considered:

• Generally the colour of your teeth should not be brighter than the whites of your eyes. Your eyes should always be the focal point of your face and the first feature that others are drawn to. If the colour of your teeth is whiter than the colour of your eyes it will detract attention from your eyes and make your teeth look unnaturally white. You can choose the same colour of your eyes and can create visual harmony.

• Your skin complexion should also be considered. The darker your skin tone the more white your teeth will appear naturally. Therefore you may want to choose a shade slightly darker as it will appear more white against your skin tone.

• The lighting in the clinic is also important. On a cloudy day the porcelain colour on the Vita Shade Chart will appear darker compared to a sunny day when it will appear lighter. You should make your decision in a natural light to ensure the true colour is seen.
• Your age should also be considered. Younger people generally have whiter teeth. It may not look natural if you are over 60 with brilliant white teeth.

The dentist will work with you to ensure you are happy with the outcome. In all cases the Dentist will offer his opinion but ultimately the choice is yours depending on your preference.