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What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw which is placed into the jaw bone to act as an artificial tooth root. An attachment called an ‘abutment’ is connected to the top of the Implant above the jaw line and it is the abutment that the Implant Crown ‘artificial tooth’ is connected to.

Why should I have my Dental Implants in Turkey?

Unfortunately, dental implant prices and healing / treatment / waiting times in the UK, Europe and the USA are not likely to decrease. Many patients would like to complete their implant procedure as soon as possible and for a much lower cost than that quoted by their local dentist. Dental Implant Prices in Turkey are significantly lower than those in your home country. We use the same high quality materials and Implant brands however the cost of living, running a dental clinic and wages are much lower. By requesting a Free Dental Implant Quote today you will find that can you can save over 70% even when take into account the cost of flights and accommodation.

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What is your experience of placing Dental Implants?

Since 2005 we have been placing approximately 400 Dental Implants every month in our clinic in Turkey, that’s over 48,000 individual Dental Implants to-date. Some patient cases are straight forward compared to other patients who need bone grafting and sinus lifting alongside Implant placement. Complex cases are not unusual for us, we see patients every week that are considered to be difficult cases. We have years of experience and are able to offer different solutions based on our patient’s needs.
Whether you need one Implant or a full reconstruction alongside other surgical procedures please contact us today and we will respond with the information you need about your situation and a quotation for your Dental Implants.

False Teeth/ Dentures – No Way!

QUALITY: We only use high quality A-Grade Dental Implants which come with a lifetime guarantee. We use a number of Implant Brands . The most popular brands we use are: Nobel, Straumann & Alpha-Bio. The type of implant we use depends on your situation and more importantly your bone height and density. To make it easy we have a two tier pricing structure £460 or £699. These prices are fully inclusive of everything including the Implant Abutment.

*Many clinics are offering low prices for their Dental Implants but the cost of the Abutment is hidden or an added extra. Together it can add up to quite a bit more! You need to calculate the full cost of your treatment, the Implants and Abutments on your first visit and your Implant Crowns on your second visit.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest technology, we not only take a Panoramic X-Ray but we also take a Tomography (3D CD Scan) which enables us to measure the density of your bone and plan your Implants with great precision before you sit in the dental chair. 

SAVE TIME: Your dental implants can be completed in a 3 day visit and you will leave with temporary teeth.

How long does the whole procedure take?

You need to make two visits to complete your treatment. For the first visit you need to stay 5 days. You will leave with temporary teeth for a 3 month healing period. Many patients like to complete their treatment as soon as possible and return directly 3 months after the date of their Implant placement while other patients prefer to wait longer returning 6-12 months later. If you want to wait longer than 3 months for your permanent Implant Crowns this will not affect your procedure and is perfectly safe. The choice is up-to-you depending on your available holiday dates and of course your budget.

Will my Dental Implants last a lifetime?

In short the answer is Yes.

life time guarantee dental implants abroadIn 1952 Professor Brånemark was conducting a study in relation to blood flow in vivo in a Swedish Laboratory. He devised a method of constructing a small chamber of titanium which was embedded into the soft tissue of rabbits ears. Following the study, the surgeon found that he was unable to remove the titanium cylinder as it had intergrated with the bone. This was the first indication of the strong relationship between Titanium and Bone.

Professor Brånemarks curiosity was aroused and he continued his studies, exploring the relationship between titanium and bone. Brånemark proved that in carefully controlled conditions, titanium could be structurally intergrated into human bone with a high success rate. The potential for Dental Implants was confirmed. Professor Brånemark named the intergration process Osseointergration.
Thirteen years after the initial discovery, In 1965 Professor Brånemark placed the first Dental Implant into a human jaw bone. The human volunteer was a Swedish man named Gösta Larrson who was missing teeth due to severe chin and jaw deformities.

*When Gösta Larrson passed away in 2006 he still had his Implants still in place, fully functioning for more than 40 years.

how many visits i need make fro dental implant?

Dental implants in turkey, check our dental technology for implant.


how many visits i need make fro dental implant?


i am looking for dental implant dentist in antalya.

dentist consultation in antalya

i am looking for dental implant dentist in antalya.

dental implants turkey

Does dental implants are safe?

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I have no teeth, how many Implants do I need?

It is not possible to place 1 Dental Implant for every missing tooth. The bone will simply not hold this number of Implants. Usually a patient that is missing all their teeth will have 6-8 Implants in the upper jaw and 6 Implants in the lower jaw. 14 Crowns on each jaw will then be connected to your Dental Implants in bridges. We can provide all the relevant information you need and a full breakdown of costs.

What do I need to pay and when?

As the treatments are split between two visits, the payments will be divided into two parts. The payment for the Dental Implants and Abutments is payable on your first visit and the payment for the Dental Implant Crowns is payable on your second visit.

What are all the costs involved in having Dental Implants abroad?

We have no hidden or extra costs. Panoramic X-Rays and Tomography Scans (3D CT Scans) are free, numbing injections & laboratory fees are also included in the prices quoted. We can assist with your travel arrangements and can arrange a private airport to hotel transfer at a reasonable cost.  Transfers between your hotel and the dental clinic are free of charge (within Antalya city limits).  Tea and Coffee is also free!

Apart from your holiday costs you can expect to pay:

1st Visit:

  • Alpha-Bio Dental Implant + Abutment: £460
  • Total Amount Payable on Visit One: £460

2nd Visit:

  • Porcelain Implant Crown: £145
  • Total Amount Payable on Visit Two: £145

Full details of our pricing can be found on our pricing page.

What if I don’t have enough bone available to place Dental Implants?

We can see from your Panoramic X-Ray if you are in need of bone grafting or sinus lifting. Approximately 30% of our Implant patients need one of these procedures. In most cases they are carried out at the same time as your implants are placed. If you think you may need one of these procedures please contact us to find out more and obtain a quotation.

Does Dental Implant treatment hurt?

No! Thanks to modern technology Dental Treatment is no longer painful. The technology at the dental clinic is also very important, you can take a look at our dental technology here. It is very easy to make the entire mouth numb using a local anesthetic injection (also known as the SleeperOne injection). The needle is very thin and short. It is considered a pain free injections which we also use for our child patients.

If you have a dental phobia you will find more information about how we can help you on the phobia page.

*If you simply cannot sit in the dental chair we can also offer treatment with full anesthesia, more information is available by clicking here.

Following your procedure your mouth may be sore for a few days but heals very quickly.
We have tried to provide you with the most important information regarding your Implant procedure. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you about your Implant treatment in Turkey, please contact us today…

A short, low cost flight could save you thousands of pounds off your Dental Implant procedure.

Bring back your natural smile and your self-confidence with functional and aesthetic dental implants. Implants are an ideal alternative to bridges or to replace teeth for patients who have no teeth and use a conventional denture. In the case where one or a few teeth are missing, dental implants can be used to replace teeth without compromising the quality of neighbouring teeth as would happen in the case of a Dental Bridge. It is a much healthier solution.

If you are missing all of your teeth, we usually place 6-8 Implants in the upper jaw and 6 Implants in the lower jaw. We then fix 28 Crowns which consist of units of Crowns that attach to your Dental Implants. This is a fixed solution that allows you to eat, talk and smile as you would with natural teeth. You can then throw away your denture!

dental guarantee antalya abroadOur prices are lower than you will find in Hungary, Poland and other European countries. We work in conjunction with Dental Centre Turkey, who has a Team of 6 clinics in Turkey. They order a large number of Implants for all their clinics therefore purchasing each one at a lower price due to the order quantity. This cost saving is directly passed on to you!

Dental-Implants-Abroad1As the implant attaches directly to the jawbone, an implant looks and feels like a real tooth. An implant will also prevent bone loss and gum recession at the same time. Don’t let missing teeth affect how you chew, smile or live your life. Bring back that ear-to-ear grin with an effective, permanent dental implant. It does not need to break the bank there can be a cheap  alternative.

We believe we have the best dental centre abroad for patients seeking Dental Implants. Many clinics will talk about Technology but we guarantee that we have invested in the very best!

We offer three types of Dental Implant Procedures: The Standard Implant Procedure, The Non-Surgical Implant Procedure, The Immediate Loading Procedure and the All on 4 Procedure. The details and cost of each are below…


dental implants abroadThis procedure is the classic way of placing Dental Implants and is suitable for patients who want 1 Implant, A few Implants or a full reconstruction. You need to make two visits to Turkey with a minimum 3 month healing period in between (Visit One for 3 days, Visit Two for 7 days). The cost per Implant + Abutment is: £460. 


This procedure is non-surgical. We have the very latest Guided Implant Technology in the clinic which enables us to pre-plan your procedure and use a personal guided template to place your Implant. This has many benefits. No Cutting, No Stitches and a quicker healing time. The procedure is less invasive way of placing Implants. You need to make to visits to Turkey with a minimum 3 month healing period in between (Visit One for 3 days, Visit Two for 7 days). The cost per Implant + Abutment is: £549. Read more about Non-Surgical Implants…


This procedure allows us to place your Dental Implants and permanent Porcelain Crowns in one visit. Combining the Guided Dental Implant Technology we use a special type of Implant, in fact the only type of Implant that is suitable for direct Crown placement. For this procedure we use Noble Biocare Active Implants which are placed using the Guided Implant Technology. You need to make one visit to Turkey of 14 days to complete your treatment. The cost per Implant + Abutment is: £695 + £125 for the porcelain crown 


This procedure is perfect for patients who have some bone loss after wearing a denture for long period of time. One large unit of Prosthetic teeth are attached to 4 Implants in the upper jaw or 4 Implants in the lower jaw. This is a lower cost compared to the Standard Implant Procedure and for many patients this is a good option to restore their smile and dental function even though they have bone loss. You need to make two visits to Turkey to complete your treatment. The cost of one jaw (upper of lower) Implants + Prosthetic Teeth = £3,650

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    If you are unsure which procedure is right you for please get in touch and
    we can discuss your options and the associated cost of each.

What is the guarantee of teeth implant in turkey?

i had 6 teeth implants for my upper jaw. i am so happy.

i am looking for a implant dentist in Antalya, Turkey.

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