How much is dental implant without surgery?


If you are reading this page, you are already considering Dental Implants as a solution for your missing teeth. You may have one tooth missing or in fact have no teeth at all. We offer Dental Implants with the standard surgery method offered by all Dental Implant clinics, for more information visit our Dental Implant Procedure page however we also offer our patients the very latest technique.

The field of Implant Dentistry and Oral Surgery is adapting more and more to patients needs. Adapting to digital planning and non invasive surgery – The latest revolution is Guided Dental Implants also referred to as non surgical implants.
Guided implant surgery uses CT data to examine and pre-plan the surgery, and since the technology offers perfect precision, guided implant surgery provides the following benefits.



♦ Accurate, safe, and predictable surgery
♦ Shorter operation time
♦ Shorter healing time with flapless surgery
♦ No cutting or stitches are required resulting in a friendly procedure for the patient
♦ Less bleeding and a less discomfort following the procedure
♦ Immediate prosthetics can be placed



This type of surgery is available in high end dental clinics such as London’s Harley Street however as the technology is new and very expensive for the clinic to purchase the costs are passed onto the patient with UK prices as much as £3,500 for an implant placed with this technique. 

We offer Guided Dental Implants (non-surgical dental implants) for £549 (Implant + Abutment), the cost of the Implant complete with crown is £674 (without any hidden extras). We have 6 clinics in Turkey and our clinic in Antalya is one of Turkey’s 70 Dental Centres. Located along the coastline of Antalya, the clinic was a purpose built on 3 floors and has both a CT Scanner and Implant planning team using the latest Guided Implant technology. The clinic is ultra modern and has excellent facilities for patient comfort. Patients travel from the UKEuropeUSA and Australia to our clinic to have this procedure. We are currently placing over 100 Dental Implants every month using the Guided Implant technology. We believe we should keep our prices as low as possible and in time the software will pay for itself as more and more people talk about our clinic and the technology we use. 

does it possible to have implant without surgey. yes, it is possible in our clinic in antalya.

Cone-beam CT
Cone-beam CT is a specialised X-Ray equipment that scans the patient in three-dimension. By using Cone-beam CT along with the correct software, a precise and accurate examination of the patient, with realistic visuals, can be achieved before the procedure takes place.

what is non-surgical dental implants? Can i have dental implants non-surgical.

Implant Planning Software
Cone-beam CT produces images in DICOM format, and an implant planning software reads these DICOM files and reconstructs them in two-dimensional or three-dimensional images. This software provides various tools for implant planning, therefore, the user can refer to the anatomic structure of the patient and plan a safe surgery.

dental implant with Surgery

Surgical Template
The Surgical template holds the surgical planning information. In general, it is in the shape of an orthodontic splint, and worn by the patient during surgery. On the surgical template, small metal sleeves are inserted in place, which guides the drilling and implant direction. It is essential for the surgical template to be fabricated to perfectly fit the patient.

Once the Surgery kit and surgical template is ready, the implant placement is carried out in a short space of time with great precision and without stitches, making it more patient friendly and resulting in a quicker healing time.

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  • Travel Time
    3-5 days
  • Dental Implant without Surgery
  • Transfer from hotel to clinic – clinic to hotel
  • Consultation
  • Panaromic X-Ray
  • Volumetric Tomography

what is guided dental implants?