About 30% of our patients have a phobia or fear of the dentist or the dental clinic. Some patients are nervous of feeling any pain, in most cases they have had a bad experience years before. Another common phobia is related to the noise that comes from the dental drill or something else related to the experience of visiting a dental clinic.

This may not feel normal to you and you may think that no one else shares your fears but we recognize it is a common problem and it is very normal for us to assist a patient with a dental phobia or fear.

We help you to combat your fears…

The technology at our dental centre in Antalya, Turkey is first class. We are the best clinic in Antalya and one of the top 3 clinics in Turkey. The latest technology ensures that procedures are non-invasive, safe and pain free.

We believe in providing dentistry with a personal touch. We give all our patients extra-long appointments so you have an opportunity to ask questions and you feel comfortable with us before proceeding with your dental treatment. We understand that you are anxious and we will work with you to increase your comfort and your confidence. We guarantee that we do not operate a bums on seats policy. Over 25% of our patients refer another patient following their treatment which is a positive sign that we provide a service you will feel confident to recommend to others.

dental antalyaIf you want to visit the clinic for a consultation and to look around and chat with us without any pressure to continue with treatment we are more than happy to meet with you.

We are happy for you to bring a friend or family member with you to the dental clinic (the tea & coffee is free and there is plenty to go around!). We have a large reception area with free internet access, a TV and comfortable sofas. If you would like your friend or family member to accompany you into the treatment room we have comfy chairs in there too, so you will all feel very welcome.

If you want to listen to music while you are in the dental chair so you do not hear any sounds that make you anxious we can provide headphones or you can bring you ipod or phone and speakers and listen to the music of your choice.

dental phobia dentist abroad

Sedation is also an option. We have patients with full anesthesia every day (also known as treatment while sleeping). We have a full sedation room on the First Floor. A qualified Anesthetist will be present through the procedure. Following your procedure we have another room with a bed and a sofa where you may sleep for a short time while the effects of the anesthesia subsides. Your friend or family member can stay with you in the room also.

We also offer light sedation in the form of a drink. You are still awake but feeling generally relaxed. This form of sedation takes about 15 minutes to take affects and will last for approximately 1 hour.

Click here for more information about treatment while sleeping.