Dentist Consultation in Turkey, Antalya.

dental consultation antalyaWe know that a local consultation sounds very convenient for you and we know that there are many dentists travelling abroad providing local consultations. In many cases these consultations are held in one location within the respective country on a particular day so in essence it is not always that easy. By the time you travelled from let’s say Middlesbrough to London which is over a 9 hour return journey you could of caught a cheap flight to the clinic abroad and spoken to the actual dentist who will be completing your dental treatment.

dental guarantee antalya abroadWe feel it is essential that all the dental specialists who will be involved in carrying out your treatment examine you in the first consultation and provide you with an accurate and professional plan. It is important that the patient is able to see the dental clinic, staff and the technology where they will be having their dental treatment not a conference room or another dental clinic. We work with 15 Dentists and 3 Oral Surgeons. If you send the same patient Photos/ X-Ray to two different dentists they will often have a difference in opinion when it comes to the treatment plan. Every dentist has their own technique and different ways of solving dental problems. Is it right that a dentist in the UK informs the dentist abroad what treatment to carry out? In our opinion each dentist has earned their title and their right to ascertain their patient’s treatment plan.
This ensures that the best clinical, functional and cosmetic result is achieved.

87% of our dental patients travel from abroad for their treatment with us in Antalya, Turkey. Since 2005 we have provided dental treatment plans over the phone based on a short conversation about your situation and what you want to achieve. 95% of the time these treatment plans do not change at all! Many patients send us photographs via Email, and Whatsapp so we can assess their situation in more detail and provide a plan which is 100% accurate.

dental-phone-consultation-antalyaPatients are now using their camera phones to take their dental photos. The picture quality is excellent and it can be sent to us in seconds. It is also smaller than a regular camera so in many cases the photos can be taken closer to your mouth providing a clearer few. 

In the case of more complex treatments such as Dental Implants patients can obtain a panoramic X-Ray from their local dentist and send it to us via email. This allows the Oral Surgeon to assess your situation in full. We can see your sinus pockets and your bone density to see if you are compatible for a direct implant or you need sinus lifting or bone augmentation. 

If you pay for your X-Ray at a private clinic you are legally entitled to a copy of it. By law it is your personal data so it should be provided to you upon request. 

If you are unsure where is your local dental clinic that offers a Panoramic X-Ray please let us know your City, Town or Post Code and we will get back to you with the address and telephone number for you to make the arrangements. 

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