dental phobia dentist abroadLet’s face it no-one likes a visit to the dentist! Patients with an increased fear often put off a visit to the dentist for a long period of time and therefore they need more dental treatment than a patient who visits the dentist on a regular basis.

Although we tell our patients Thanks to modern technology, dental treatments are now pain free.

In most cases the phobia is caused by a previous visit to the dentist many years ago when dental technology was limited. The patient has experienced some level of pain or discomfort. Some patients have a fear of foreign objects in their mouth so they do not want to be awake during their treatment, while other patients have reported their local dentist being rough or unsympathetic to their concerns or dental phobia.

If you have been avoiding a visit to the dentist because you simply cannot face it then dental treatment in Turkey with general anesthesia could be for you.

In all cases patients have a local anesthetic injection so they cannot feel their dental treatment. For some patients this is not enough. They do not want any knowledge of the dental procedure and for this reason they ask to sleep during the procedure, also known as full sedation.

We offer this procedure in a number of our dental clinics but not in all of them. The correct conditions need to be available in the clinic. It is important that a fully qualified Anesthetist is present during the procedure. Dentists and Oral Surgeons are not qualified to carry out anesthesia. Many aspects of your dental health including your heart rate and blood pressure need to be monitored every second while you are asleep. We have a specific room for patients who request anesthesia with the necessary equipment to ensure the procedure is safe.

Following your procedure we have a recovery room as most patients like to sleep for a short time while the anesthesia wears off completely. There is a chair/ sofa bed in the recovery room so a member of your family or a friend can be there with you when you wake up.

General anesthesia is also suitable for adults and children with learning difficulties and mental illness as it takes the stress of the treatment away.

Patients who have a fear of dentistry also require a longer appointment as they like to be fully up-to-date with every detail to ensure they feel relaxed. We do not operate a ‘bums on seats’ policy. We allow extra long appointments so we have time to show you the technology and talk you through your dental treatment. Tea and Coffee are also free and in all our treatment rooms and we have extra chairs if you want to bring a friend or family member with you.

The cost of sedation is very affordable and will depend on the length of time you need to be asleep, depending on your dental treatment plan. The cost depends on the procedure time. Per hour the total cost is £100. This cost is fully inclusive of the use of sedation room, Anesthetist, Use of Recovery Room and all other materials required.

If you would like to speak to a previous patient who has had treatment with sedation we can put you in touch. Many patients check, double check and check again that they will be fully asleep during their procedure and we can guarantee that this will be the case.


    If you like have dental treatments while sleeping…